2020: A Decade in a Year

2020. This year hit us. Like many of you, we were affected financially, had the busiest times in our respective jobs, needed a lot of sanity checks, had family member get COVID-19, and we also experienced another loss in a 15-week long miscarriage. #whata2020, said a friend. It’s like we experienced a decade’s worth of highs and lows in just a year. BUT everything else that came out of the trying times were beyond the difficulties we faced. There were so much more that we gained that I don’t think we could have if not for 2020.

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The Closed Door

“The Lord gave him physical recovery through food and sleep, and after that a fresh new mission.” If you haven’t read my previous blog, it might help you if you’re tired and exhausted. Today marks for me a closure of a season that was—sudden ad hoc projects that kept extending indefinitely or giving birth to…

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Just Write (Part 2)

The other day, I was blessed with an opportunity to talk about one of my first loves—writing. I’m not in any way a professional writer. I didn’t even have comms-related courses in college! But I remembered that even way back in grade school, I would submit anonymous entries to the school paper; no, not articles,…

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