Just Write

I’ve been itching to write for a few weeks now but I didn’t know how to start and what to write about. When you’ve stopped consistently writing, it seems difficult to get back at it.

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2018: A Year of Transitions

Since 2016 I have been trying to make it a habit to post my annual gratitude list on my birthday. I just read my 2016 and 2017 posts again as I write this, and it’s interesting how long back those two years feel, and almost forgotten: 2016: Wow. Book published. Blog revamped. Baby on the…

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By Faith: Noah Part 1

Because we named our son Noah AND I was not in the meeting when the speakers for a series of church activities was discussed, I was assigned to speak about the life of… Noah (from the bible). πŸ˜…Β Sharing with you here some of my notes. We named our son Noah because the bible says Noah…

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