The Closed Door

“The Lord gave him physical recovery through food and sleep, and after that a fresh new mission.” If you haven’t read my previous blog, it might help you if you’re tired and exhausted.

Today marks for me a closure of a season that was—sudden ad hoc projects that kept extending indefinitely or giving birth to new ad hoc projects. Formal meetings with formal closures somehow made me feel that the door has finally been closed, and a whole new playroom awaits to be explored. While there’s still a few more things to do until the end of the week, there’s just a fresh wind of newness after today that I have now started to think ahead and how to bring back some sort of rhythm to my own work and also for the people I get to work with. Before this day, thinking ahead or finding a rhythm was simply impossible, which, obviously drives someone wired like me no less than crazy.

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Just Write (Part 2)

The other day, I was blessed with an opportunity to talk about one of my first loves—writing. I’m not in any way a professional writer. I didn’t even have comms-related courses in college! But I remembered that even way back in grade school, I would submit anonymous entries to the school paper; no, not articles,…

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It was a no-brainer. If it weren’t Star Wars, what would it be? Talking about our dear Chadric Noah’s first birthday gathering from years back. If you’re wanting to do a simple yet meaningful celebration for your child’s first birthday (after all this quarantine is over…), I hope this post helps. ?

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I have plenty because I have little.

I came across the story of a widow who was in desperate lack financially that her late husband’s creditor was about to collect her two sons as payment for their debt. I couldn’t imagine the stress! But she got out of this situation, miraculously, after she brought her concern to God and did what He…

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2019: A Year of Growth

How old are you? When I ask people to guess the answer they would say I’m in my late 20s. A week ago, the best guess was thirty four (I was turning thirty five). 2019 has been a year of growth in so many areas, so much #adulting and stretching than in previous years combined.…

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