Years After a Loss: Is it okay to remember? To still cry?

“The pain never really goes away,” said most of the people I know who have lost a loved one, moreso those who have lost a child. A good percentage of you stumble upon my site looking for encouragement through a trying time in life, particularly through a season of grief. So, does the pain never really go away? Is it okay to still feel pain years after? Let me share with you a portion of my book, “When God Could’ve But He Didn’t” here.

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The Cover Story

People who I’ve had the privilege of working with know that I’m pretty deliberate with almost everything (yup, #4 theme in Strengths Finder). My colleagues probably get tired of me asking them what’s the purpose or what’s the goal before giving my two cents on things. So let me share with you here the story…

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The Underground Club

After more than a year from the time we lost our first child, I had a conversation with someone who has gone through a similar heart-shattering moment. I did meet some who had similar experiences and I greatly appreciate their wisdom, but theirs happened way back. It has only been around two months since our dear Berea…

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