A 15-Week Long Miscarriage

Apparently, it could happen that long. I Googled and most of other moms’ miscarriages lasted around 2-3 weeks. They talked about heavy bleeding, which I didn’t have. And then meds used in the US is different from what we have here in the Philippines. So, I’m writing this hoping whoever needs help stumbles upon this post where I detail my journey.

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2020: A Decade in a Year

2020. This year hit us. Like many of you, we were affected financially, had the busiest times in our respective jobs, needed a lot of sanity checks, had family member get COVID-19, and we also experienced another loss in a 15-week long miscarriage. #whata2020, said a friend. It’s like we experienced a decade’s worth of…

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Digital Gift Ideas for a 2020 Kind of Christmas

Don’t you love giving gifts to your family and friends, especially for Christmas? With government restrictions on Christmas parties and the practical safety of limiting our exposure to the virus, we’ve turned to online shopping for our gifts this year. But how about delivery logistics and fees? Good thing there are digital gifts, and here…

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