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wGcbHd Updates: Paperback, YouVersion Devotional

wGcbHd Updates Paperback, YouVersion Devotional

Good news and bad news from last week on #wGcbHd. Plus, what is the best book a grieving person can read?

Update: #wGcbHd Paperback Edition

Last week, I received the paperback copies of my book, “When God Could’ve But He Didn’t.” The binding was way better than the mock-up, but because it was different, it affected the cover’s layout and the margins of the inside pages. I was initially disheartened, but remembering what God has already taught me in the past, I embraced the fact that there must be a reason behind the delay, and that it will eventually turn out better. I’ve updated those who already pre-ordered via email today. The good news is that the printer is currently working on the adjustments to make sure the paperback quality is excellent. Please keep the book in your prayers, that the adjustments will be quick, yet the books will turn out to be excellent.

#wGcbHd Devotional

Off to better news, I’ve been waiting for a few months for this and it’s finally live!

After I finished layouting the paperback version of #wGcbHd, I realized that my book may or may not be for someone who has just entered a season of grieving; it always depends on how each one grieves. In fact, I added a recommendation in the intro inside the book: that readers who have just entered a season of grieving skip the first category (portion) of the book where I write about our story, as it might be difficult to face the pain of someone else’s loss while they are facing theirs. I have, since then, shifted in marketing the book from a book for the grieving, to a faith-boosting quick read, even for a person who is not grieving.

I remember that last year, when our dear Berea Dannielle passed away, I saw a couple of books on grief but I never really read one. All I needed was in the bible. The bible is the best book a grieving person can (must) read. Hence, the birth of the 5-day devotional material, which aims to point people to some bible verses that they can start with, as they go through grief or through anything that’s heart-shattering. This 5-day devotional material is available for free at YouVersion. You can download YouVersion for free at your mobile platform’s app store. I listed some other devotional materials from YouVersion that have helped me here.

I am the happy wife of my happy husband, Pao. We are overly grateful that I am now 13 weeks pregnant with our second child. I am the author of the book, When God Could’ve But He Didn’t.


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