I have plenty because I have little.

I came across the story of a widow who was in desperate lack financially that her late husband’s creditor was about to collect her two sons as payment for their debt. I couldn’t imagine the stress! But she got out of this situation, miraculously, after she brought her concern to God and did what He said.

What am I in lack of? A lot. And I couldn’t be more grateful.

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Blessings Follow 3 W’s

It’s obviously been challenging writing content, even at two years postpartum. Between being a new mom and learning the ropes of a new job, having no helper and both Pao and I going to work, something’s gotta give… and blogging’s one of those (plus the upkeep of our house!!!). Anyway, I’m happy I found the…

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By Faith: Noah Part 1

Because we named our son Noah AND I was not in the meeting when the speakers for a series of church activities was discussed, I was assigned to speak about the life of… Noah (from the bible). πŸ˜…Β Sharing with you here some of my notes. We named our son Noah because the bible says Noah…

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