Transitions: Soul on the Line

One of the perks of still being an executive assistant to some extent is that I still get to work with my pastor and have access to his ebooks. 😬

The moment I purchased for him the book, Strengthening the Soul of your Leadership, I made a mental note to read it. But that’s the thing with mental notesβ€”I forget them. πŸ˜… Until my boss whose pastor also read the book discussed it with their group, and he in turn shared it in one of our team meetings. It sounded so familiar… Aaaah, yes, it was that mental note! 🀣

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2018: A Year of Transitions

Since 2016 I have been trying to make it a habit to post my annual gratitude list on my birthday. I just read my 2016 and 2017 posts again as I write this, and it’s interesting how long back those two years feel, and almost forgotten: 2016: Wow. Book published. Blog revamped. Baby on the…

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In Anticipation

Hello, world! Since mommyhood came, it’s been a series of adjustments and transitions in pretty much all aspects of my life, hence another hiatus over here on the blog. Interestingly, amidst so many things I got to do in the past few months, it was also a time when I’ve been feeling like I haven’t…

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