Climbing an Intensive Week

What was the highest or lowest point of your week? How did this affect you and what learning can you get out of it? This is my first journal prompt from a list of four to help me get back into writing. Ang hirap pala ng first prompt ko. 😅

Hmm I don’t think I had a high or low point last week. Last week was steady… steady tough!😅  Overall, working from home and the work at home was tiring—physically and mentally draining. I think it was only Wednesday when I felt I was already “fighting through the week,” looking forward to the weekend.

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Sharing is Caring

I have witnessed many transitions, both in corporate and in ministry, and noted that part of a successful transition is when the new person takes off from where the old person left from, instead of starting from scratch. When the new person starts from scratch simply because s/he did not bother to set aside his/her…

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