Stuck No More

Have you ever been stuck at a line or sentence when you’re reading something? I’ve been stuck with these words for weeks now and I just couldn’t move on!

According to His great mercy, He has caused us…

I had to read this again and again and again and again. This meant so much, spoke so much to me.

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The Cover Story

People who I’ve had the privilege of working with know that I’m pretty deliberate with almost everything (yup, #4 theme in Strengths Finder). My colleagues probably get tired of me asking them what’s the purpose or what’s the goal before giving my two cents on things. So let me share with you here the story…

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How to Order: Paperback Edition of When God Could’ve But He Didn’t

UPDATE 2016-Oct-18: The books are now available! ? Check out this post to order. Hey everyone!!! I’m super excited to announce that the paperback edition of my book, “When God Could’ve But He Didn’t,” will soon be available! Since I’m self-publishing for now, I’ll be printing a limited quantity to start with. You can pre-order below.…

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