eBook Sharing and Lending

eBook Sharing and Lending

You can actually share or lend your purchased Kindle ebooks with another person through Amazon. Here are three ways on how to do it.

I am unable to share directly with anybody my ebook nor make it available elsewhere apart from Amazon, because it will be against my terms with Amazon. So let me share here three alternative and legal ways on how you or your friend can read the ebook version of my quick-read book, “When God Could’ve But He Didn’t.”

1. Lend It
Wanting to reach more people, I did not opt out my ebook from the lending feature, which means that if you have downloaded it in full via, whether during the free promotion or paid for it, you can lend it to another person subject to Amazon’s lending terms: you can lend it one time, and your chosen friend has 14 days to read it. Just like lending a paperback, you won’t be able to read the book during the “loan period”.

For more information and instructions on lending an ebook, click here.

2. Share It
Amazon has what is called a “Family Library,” where you can share your library of ebooks with up to 1 adult (and 4 kids but I won’t tackle that here).  This is ideal for married couples so you don’t have to purchase the ebook twice. You’ll have to set this up one time and afterwards, you can both access the ebook at any time. I say married couples because when you set this up and share content, you will also both need to authorize each other to use the credit cards associated with both your Amazon accounts for purchases on Amazon. If you’re not married but want to use this feature, just be mindful that the other person can purchase anything on Amazon using your card. It will also be good to know that “when accessing shared content, each adult has their own settings for that content, including furthest page read, notes, and highlights.”

To know more about sharing the ebook with your spouse, click here.

3. Gift It
Last but not the least, the book costs $2.99, which is less than a cup of coffee from our beloved Starbucks, so why not bless someone and give it as a gift? ? This takes less than 3 minutes. You’ll need the email address used by your friend or family for Amazon/Kindle. Use this product listing of the ebook. You’ll see the button “Give as Gift” on the lower right of your screen (desktop site). Put the email address of your friend/family and set the date when you want to send it (can be “now” or a later date). You can customize your message too!

Thanks so much for your support! Happy sharing, lending, and gifting!

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