Get this Book: The Star in You

Get this Book- The Star in You

I had the privilege of reading this book before it launches tomorrow, November 16, 2020. This book is simply perfect for teenage girls! Oh, and us who are not teenagers will surely also hear from God through The Star in You.

You can already pre-order the ebook on Amazon (Kindle) for $1.99 here. When it launches, it will be auto-delivered to your Kindle. Insider scoop: the price WILL go up shortly after the launch (which will still be so worth getting) so take advantage of the launch price!

This book is an easy-read and definitely not intimidating. It is simple, but it has depth and speaks to the heart. Certainly a book I loved reading, and recommend.

The book covers challenges of teenagers (maybe even a lot of us who are well beyond our teens) and how to win over them from a biblical perspective: insecurity, low self-esteem, comparing self to others, even being a victim of bullying. Not really a bible person? Still, get this book. I personally believe the message will speak to you. You think your teenage daughter, niece, or inaanak doesn’t really need to be encouraged? Still, get this book. This WILL speak to her.

Claire Lewis, the author, “understands the pain of bullying and feeling insignificant. She shares how God used her love for dance to put her on an amazing journey that led to reaching her dreams while overcoming anxiety, feeling unworthy, and timidity. Claire uses her dance platform to remind girls of their true worth and purpose—a star meant to shine in darkness.”

Not only did I discover my passion, but dance also brought me healing and expression for everything I couldn’t say.
– Claire Lewis, The Star in You

As I was reading it, I could sense that the book was written by someone who climbed through a whole lot of mountains, braved storms, but instead of being stuck and exhausted, lives freely today and genuinely wants other women to experience the same freedom to be who they were made to be and shine from the inside-out. The book will help teenage girls to be more confident in who they were made to be, empower them to win their own wars, and inspire them to dream BIG dreams.

Whenever you feel like you are in a helpless situation, keep in mind that God has given you not only the power to overcome any obstacle, but also the authority.
– Clare Lewis, The Star in You

Beyond the privilege of having an advanced copy of The Star in You, I have the privilege of knowing Claire. I met her through our high school dance club, and her book gave me major flash backs, including their audition for the club which was mentioned on her book!  I was blessed to witness her journey from that moment on, and I couldn’t help but be proud of her for allowing God to lead her steps to this day she’s soon to be a mom of three. I’m recommending the book not because I know her. I’m saying that the stories in her book are real, and that the message God put in her heart to share through this book needs to be read, especially by young women. Especially today. And yes, even women who are older will be blessed reading her book.

When we feel like God is not moving in our lives, it is normally us not moving with Him or He wants us to rest in Him before His next move.
– Claire Lewis, The Star in You

I asked Claire what’s in her heart right now for young women. I tell you, her heart’s simply overflowing for this generation and so without quoting the whole book, here’s a shortened version of what she told me yesterday. 

They are made to shine bright in this dark world. They’re created on purpose for a purpose. It’s so important to know their true worth and value—their identity as a daughter of God, and live in it. Understanding the real them will help them live the fullness of life that God intended for them to have.
– A message from Claire Lewis, author of The Star in You

How to shine? How not to just go with the flow (conform) to what’s around them? They’ll get the answers through the bible, which Claire also points back to in her book.

The Star in You by Claire Lewis

The book will launch on November 16, which means before then you do a pre-order and it will be auto-delivered to your Kindle when it launches. As mentioned, the price WILL go up so do take advantage of the launch price. 


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