Digital Gift Ideas for a 2020 Kind of Christmas

Digital Gift Ideas for a 2020 Kind of Christmas

Don’t you love giving gifts to your family and friends, especially for Christmas? With government restrictions on Christmas parties and the practical safety of limiting our exposure to the virus, we’ve turned to online shopping for our gifts this year. But how about delivery logistics and fees? Good thing there are digital gifts, and here are my recos, even for your plantito and plantita friends!

1. eBooks

A lot of the people you know would own or have access to a smart phone, tablet, or computer. With the free Kindle app, people can read ebooks from any of these gadgets, and even in computer rental shops through Kindle’s cloud reader using an internet browser.

How to purchase an ebook as a gift? As you would purchase an ebook for yourself, you can go to Amazon, search for the book, and click “Give as Gift.” You can send it directly to your friend’s email address with a personalized message, or yours and forward it to him using your personal email.

If your friend already has a lot of ebooks, don’t worry. If he already has the ebook you gifted him, he can convert your gift to Amazon credits which he can use to purchase any other ebook he likes (or anything on Amazon!).

Here are timely book recommendations, which is a combination of books I’ve already read, about to read, and those that are highly recommended by others. Click on the titles to go to the Amazon listing.

Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership
by Ruth Haley Barton
This is a book for every leader, with or without a leadership title, especially those who want to be more of the leader God wants them to be.

The Star in You
by Claire Lewis
You can read my review of this book here.
This is perfect for pre-teens and teenage girls. Even young adults who need to hear about how they’re made to shine will be blessed by this book.

Get Your Life Back
by John Eldredge
This is one of the books on my “to read” list. I think the title says it all!

The Art of Rest
by Adam Mabry
Read this one. It’s great too for those living such a fast life.

Soul Detox
by Craig Groeshell
Read this one too. It’s a good “cleansing” read for the soul.

2. Digital Planner and Inserts

I have just recently switched to using less paper through the GoodNotes app which allows me to “write” on a digital planner using a stylus, as if I’m using a paper planner, but with all the benefits of technology (erase, undo, copy-paste, and so much more cool stuff!). I’d love to tell you more about how to use digital planners, but for now, basically you buy a PDF, and the file is accessed through any PDF annotation app (GoodNotes is the best! I heard Xodo is a good counterpart for Android).

Digital Planner
In over a decade (maybe two?!) of advocating personal productivity, I still find Passion Planner as the best productivity planner there is. When they launched a digital planner, that was my turning point to go all-digital! Check out their digital planner here.

Digital Planner Inserts
There is SO MUCH room to personalize any digital planner. Anybody who already uses a digital planner will benefit from “digital planner inserts,” which are basically functional pages they can add to whatever digital planner they use. Get some from Our Little Fam Shop’s Etsy shop. Follow Our Little Fam Shop on Instagram for future releases too!

3. Digital Journal

Yes, these exist too! Please check out my One-a-Day Five-Year Journal here. It’s a five-year journal, yes, but since it’s digital, they can keep reusing this file however and whenever they like!

4. Gift Card for the Plantito/Plantita

So here’s the thing. Not just because you have a plantito/plantita friend, the person loves any kind of plant or pot or whatever plant stuff there is out there! Let them choose for themselves. Here’s a link to Shopleaf’s gift card from their online store. I have high trust in this brand because ALL the plants I got from them were healthy, and they have really nice pots made of up to 80% recycled plastic collected from the ocean. They have really great customer service too! You can’t go wrong with Shopleaf.

There you go! I hope you found this helpful! If you have other gift ideas for a 2020 kind of Christmas, comment below and let us all know!

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