Digital Gift Ideas for a 2020 Kind of Christmas

Don’t you love giving gifts to your family and friends, especially for Christmas? With government restrictions on Christmas parties and the practical safety of limiting our exposure to the virus, we’ve turned to online shopping for our gifts this year. But how about delivery logistics and fees? Good thing there are digital gifts, and here are my recos, even for your plantito and plantita friends!

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The Closed Door

“The Lord gave him physical recovery through food and sleep, and after that a fresh new mission.” If you haven’t read my previous blog, it might help you if you’re tired and exhausted. Today marks for me a closure of a season that wasβ€”sudden ad hoc projects that kept extending indefinitely or giving birth to…

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It was a no-brainer. If it weren’t Star Wars, what would it be? Talking about our dear Chadric Noah’s first birthday gathering from years back. If you’re wanting to do a simple yet meaningful celebration for your child’s first birthday (after all this quarantine is over…), I hope this post helps. ?

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