After ML: Keeping the Milk Supply Up

After ML Keeping the Milk Supply Up

Pumping while driving, in a meeting, and even walking to the meeting—that’s multitasking these days! Every second counts!

It’s been almost two months since I got back to work, and thankfully, my milk supply has been more than enough for Noah. I have proven to myself what I’ve been reading around: if I pumped every 2-3 hours, I won’t have a problem with supply.

Just like you, my day is filled with all sorts of activities, from paperwork to trainings, meetings, and presentations. How have I been able to keep up with the pumping? I have two answers—Spectra 9+ and Freemie. Add these two to my new mom must-haves for those moms going back to work.

Spectra 9+

Choosing the right pump is like shopping for shoes: there are many options, what you’ll buy depends on what you’ll use it for, you need to consider your budget, and it must be the right fit.

I used to want another well known brand, but it was way above what we can afford at the time. I am grateful that my #newmom pastime—online (window) shopping—led me to, a popular breastfeeding advocate shop that carries different brands and models of pumps. They have a grid and a quiz that can help you figure out which pump is the best for you. As if those were not enough, I sent them a direct message on Instagram telling them my needs and preferences, and they got back to me with two pump options. No, they did not offer me the most expensive options in their line of pumps, but those that suited my preferences and needs. Oh, and just like shoes, you can do some fitting at their stores!

This is the Spectra 9+. It’s a double electric pump that can also be used as a single. What I love about this pump is that it’s rechargeable, very portable, and the pumping sound is not loud that I use it in meetings (and movie houses!) without causing disruption! Most don’t even notice I’ve been pumping! Units released October 2016 onwards can be used up to 12 times a day, so even if you are an exclusive pumper, this is the only pump you’ll need!


You read that right—pumping while driving! I maximize travel time by pumping while driving or in an Uber. My first sesh is usually on the way to work, and my last is usually as I head home. That’s thanks to my Freemie cups. I thought it’s quite expensive for what I got in the box, but it pays for itself because it allows me to keep the 2-3 hour pumping interval and minimizes job disruption. I just take a break from work for less than 10 minutes to clean the Freemie cups and wipe them dry, or max 5 minutes to clean them and leave them to air-dry on my desk.

You can attach Freemie cups to any pump as long as the cords fit (I personally got to confirm that these pumps fit: Medela Freestyle, Horigen, and Spectra 9+). It allows for handsfree pumping without the need for any special undergarment. You can check out more details and what other pumps it’s compatible with here, and purchase here for PH.


As with anything that is of value, it takes commitment and hard work to keep giving purely breastmilk to my baby. It can be disrupting, especially for the Focus in me, but it’s fulfilling for the Achiever in me! But definitely beyond whatever I find myself feeling, nothing beats giving my best to my son, not to mention, even while giving my best to my job. It’s more than worth it. It’s not impossible.

Finally. It’s been a long while since I got to publish a post! As a new mom, whenever I get to find the time to do something else other than be with my family or do my job, my energy is almost empty I almost can’t do anything else but sleep. So… thanks for coming back here. I got some drafts and will hopefully get to publish them soon!


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