My Pump & Cooler Bag and What’s Inside (including one you didn’t know you needed)

My Pump & Cooler Bag and What's Inside (including one you didn't know you needed)

No drama post. 🙂 My pump and cooler bag, what’s inside, including one you didn’t know you needed, where to buy them, and for how much.

Pump and Cooler Bag

My pump bag already has an insulated partition which serves as my cooler bag. It also has two outer pockets where I place my small wallet, phone, and other small items like OilMNL blends! This pretty much is the only bag I carry when I go out without my baby. I can wear it as a sling/shoulder bag or a backpack, and I like that the style doesn’t shout, “pump and milk in here!” This bag came with:

  • Waterproof inner bag that fits perfectly inside the insulated partition
  • 1 ice brick
  • 2 ice packs
  • 30 pieces milk bags
  • (and supposedly a marker for the milk bags but they forgot to add this to my package

Bag this deal in Shopee here.

Image from Shopee.

The Usual Stuff Inside

  1. Ice brick and/or ice pack/s (came with the bag)
  2. Milk bags (came with the bag; you can buy more here) and/or bottles
  3. Cleaning sponge and spray bottle
  4. Paper towel for drying
  5. Marker for milk bags (or you can just mark your bags at home)

What You Didn’t Know You Needed

When going back to work, it’s important to think about your “workflow,” not just for pumping but also after pumping—storing milk, as well as cleaning and drying pump parts so you’re ready for your next session.

When cleaning, you will most likely clean your pump parts in the washroom. You’ll need a container where you’ll clean and dry the parts so that you don’t put them on top of the lavatory!

The perfect item: collapsible container! Make sure it’s the right size for your pump parts and that it fits inside your pump/cooler bag! I got mine in @shopzerroph. UPDATE: This shop discontinued but you can get pretty much the same containers here.

Image from Instagram.

The Bottomline in Pesos

Get all these for only P1,640 exclusive of shipping fees. Use your Shopee coins and vouchers to get these for less!

Hope this helps!


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