New Mom Must-haves You Might Not Yet Know About

New Mom Must-haves You Might Not Yet Know About

Eight weeks postpartum and a lot of online (window) shopping, here’s my top 5 must-haves first-time moms need to check out:

As a first-time mom, I was pretty much clueless about a lot of things—literally things. And with countless minutes baby is on the breast, a mobile phone and internet, a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do to keep (feeling) sane and not tied down—online (window) shopping!

I got into mommy groups in social media and I started learning not just about caring better for my Chadric Noah, but also about tons of mommy and baby items that are really nice to have and where to buy them. I went to the online shops and started tapping the “add to cart” button for about a hundred items! Of course, adding to cart is one thing, checking out is another. 99.9% of the time I have been sober enough to not check out.

Eight weeks (and about 50 more items in my various wishlists and carts) after, here’s my top 5 must-haves first-time moms need to check out:

#5 Organic Baby Wipes

We didn’t know about organic wipes until some friends gifted us with these. Right now we’re trying to use cotton balls and water for cleaning Noah during nappy changes, then we do a final clean-up using these wipes before patting him dry. (Tips: We use these wipes for midnight nappy changes since using cotton takes more time. For tipidsters like us, we tear the wipes in half before use and we have a sealed container where we put unused halves for later.)

We got our wipes at the Happy Dragon booth during our first Momzilla fair. You can contact Happy Dragon on Instagram.

#4 Baby Comfy Nose

Having an efficient nasal aspirator is a breather! We had a Safety First bulb-type aspirator that came with a hygiene kit, but we weren’t getting much out of it, literally. It was then when I heard about Nose Frida, and after more online window shoppings, I found Baby Comfy Nose. It’s cheaper outright, and cheaper in the long run because you don’t need to buy filters unlike Nose Frida.

Look up how it works on Youtube. We got ours from Lazada.

#3 Baby K’tan

Babywearing is not trending for fashion, but because it’s very convenient and it works, both for baby and mommy! If I found out about this earlier, I would have delayed our stroller purchase (delaying stroller purchase helps mom and dad see first what will work, vs. investing then hoping it works). I have used my Baby K’tan not just for carrying Noah, but also as arm support and cover when breastfeeding on-the-go.

Look it up on Youtube. We got ours at The Nest PH booth during our first Momzilla fair. We actually went there for this, because there was a discount and so that I can fit it with Noah. The saleslady got me the right size, taught me how to use it (with a stuffed toy first and then with Noah). Here’s the link to The Nest PH online store.

#2 Adjustable Nursing Pillow

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When I used the usual horseshoe-shaped nursing pillow, I would lean forward so my arms would be comfortable. However, my back was taking a toll with the position. When I straightened my back, I would need to tiptoe or use a stool so my thigh pushes the pillow and baby up to get them to the right height. I would also find it hard to lean on a backrest, since the “arms” of the pillow go far too back. Leaning on a backrest pushes the pillow and baby away from me. I would always try to move and find a working position every feeding. So when I saw the adjustable nursing pillow, I knew it was for me! It’s simply ingenious!

The adjustable nursing pillow helps me find the best position with so much ease every time. I can work with the “flaps” for different heights, plus, it’s “jointed” so it helps with putting Noah in a reclined position (made burp time easier). The ridges on each flap helps my arm stay in place. No long pillow “arms” so I can comfortably lean my back anywhere. Happy mommy, happy baby.

#1 Haakaa

Ahhhhhh! Haakaa! Now this I only found out through a circle of moms I asked about their happy purchases (because you’ll have purchases you’ll regret hehe). Never heard about this before. Basically, it’s a no-effort pump that works through nothing but suction. I used to collect those “drippings” with a bottle while Noah is latched on the other side. I would usually get mostly foremilk, and during letdown some hindmilk, which won’t go beyond 15ml, usually just 5ml.

With Haakaa, I just leave it and after Noah’s done, I get between 1 to 3 ounces in my Haakaa after each feeding! So I’m actually able to build up a good stash of milk for when I go back to work (but I still got a good electric pump for when I’m already back at work to keep my supply up). Haakaa comes in 150ml and 100ml. I got the 150ml for bigger storage capacity but I’m looking into getting the 100ml so I can keep that handy in my purse and leave my 150ml at home.

I believe this is great for most, if not all breastfeeding moms! You can look it up on Youtube. We got ours from Baby Mama PH. Follow Baby Mama PH on Instagram. They have weekly discussions there that are very helpful to first-time moms!

I hope this helps you, mommies (or friends of mommies)! In my next mommyhood post, I’ll write about my favorite lactation treats. Do you have any fave treat or other great finds? Let me know so I can try them and feature those too, and let other mommies know about them! ?

Easter Sunday yesterday. Beyond grateful for Easter, for the Cross. God redeems. Around this time two years ago, we attended a wedding of a friend and people looked for Brei. Fast forward to today, we’re attending another wedding and we’re coming with Noah. ❤️


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