How to Miss a God Op

How to Miss a God Op

When we are too impatient to reach our destination, we can miss out on the opportunities God gives us along the way, and we end up taking the longer routes.

For I know the plans I have for you,”
declares the Lord,
“plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
plans to give you hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11 NIV

God wants nothing but the best for us, but sometimes, we want things to happen NOW that we get in the way of God’s timing and actually cause delays to that which we eagerly desire. When we are too impatient to reach our destination, we can miss out on the opportunities God gives us along the way, and we end up taking the longer routes. It’s like overspeeding on an expressway and Waze goes “recalculating.” You know you missed your exit, and you know it will take you longer to get to where you’re headed.

I look back and realize I’ve missed out on a couple of breaks I needed because my heart was in the wrong place.

How to Miss a God Opportunity

1. Putting Importance on My Reputation Above God’s Reputation

I remember being given a chance to speak in front of a good number of people about how God pulled me through a tough time in my life. I was very much prepared for it but I suddenly had to attend to things at home that I did not make it on time, and I lost that opportunity.

Yes, family comes first, but I soon realized that my heart was in the wrong place. After what happened, I felt really bad… because I was so concerned with how the people who knew I was going to speak thought about me (e.g. I’m not punctual, I’m not professional). I was more concerned with my reputation than missing an opportunity to give glory to God through my testimony. Did I really want to get up there to speak about God? Or did I just want that moment for myself? I was in denial, but in hindsight, it was quite clear.

2. Pleasing People Over Being Faithful to God’s Calling

Connections. Sometimes it feels like things take long because I don’t have the right connections. One day I got in touch with someone who I always found to be influential and who I was so excited to work with. In the course of the discussion, (again, in hindsight) I noticed I was giving answers to please that person to make sure I kept that connection. It didn’t pan out (so far). Looking back, I ended up getting swayed here and there instead of just being straightforward and faithful to what God has asked me to do.

Even when the opportunity could have forwarded His direction and plans for my life, pleasing people just brought me steps back.

The Same Destination

Missing an expressway exit does not change your destination. Similarly, missing out on God-given opportunities does not change God’s plan for our lives.

For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.
Romans 11:9 ESV

I know that God wants me to continue what He asked me to do. My mistakes do not change His purpose for my life and the direction He is calling me towards. I have since repented for putting myself before Him (and find myself doing this over and over). He gave me a new opportunity to share my testimony, and I am certain that He will provide other new opportunities as I continue to be faithful in doing what He has asked me to do. More importantly, beyond doing His will for me is the pursuit and desire of being His will for me—having the right heart throughout this journey.

Whatever opportunities you and I may have missed out on to our mistakes, impatience, or self-centeredness, repentance allows for the unmerited redemption of God to bring us back on track.

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