Meeting My Baby: Cuddles But No Kisses

Meeting My Baby Cuddles But No Kisses

I’ve been swinging back and forth between writing this post or not because I know it might be offensive to some. I find the courage to publish this putting my baby before anybody else, family or friend. Call me overprotective or madamot or OA, that’s far less important than our dear Chadric Noah‘s health. I do hope you don’t take offense but instead, see that I’m just standing my ground as a mom—a new one at that!

Not all moms will agree with this post and I am totally cool with them having a different opinion. They allow what they allow and don’t what they don’t. Mommies are different. Babies are different. No judging. No comparing. Respect is key. What’s the same is that we all just want what we believe is best for OUR babies. We are all taking full ownership of this awesome thing called motherhood.

So what’s the fuss about?

Sooner than later we’ll be ready to welcome more visitors at home and also bring Noah to places and events where there will be a lot of family and friends. We’re excited to have him meet everybody and we’re so blessed to have so many loving people in our lives!

Before then, here is my little plea so that you can help me keep my baby healthy as you shower him with love.

If you want to check out the new phone of your friend, I’m sure you will ask permission from your friend to check it out before you do anything with the phone, and surely you will handle it with utmost care, not making way for even a single risk of scratching it. How much more etiquette we need when it comes to babies? Always ask the mommy first. ?

Dearest family and friends, no exceptions 🙂

1. Squeaky clean hands before anything else.
Germs. All these is because I don’t like germs on my baby, more so germs that can be passed to him from other people. Please please wash your hands with soap and water, or use a hand sanitizer (I will have one handy at all times) before touching my little one.

2. Cuddle but don’t kiss. Anywhere.
I’m all for cuddles and tickles, but please please do not kiss my baby, especially on his face and hands (because he puts his hands to his mouth). Even my mom doesn’t “kiss” Noah. She would “sniff-kiss” him instead. My own kisses to Noah are usually like that too. Helps make sure it’s all dry and no laway goes to him. (I also find sniff-kissing him feel like I’m pouring out so much love on him vs. the normal kiss. Then again, that’s just me.) But please leave the sniff-kissing to us.

3. No laways.
I would respect it if you believe in pamahiins, but please please also respect that I don’t, and since this is my baby, things kinda go my way. ? Even my dad respected this and openly adjusted. Again, it’s all about keeping Noah’s health as my top priority.

Thank you for your love! The last thing I want is to deprive him of your love and affection, but not at the expense of his health. I am so grateful how my parents never got in the way of me being the mom of Noah despite our differences in some of our beliefs, yet Noah is not lacking in their love and affection. No matter how small the risk may be, baby’s health always comes first. To add, mommies got it tough on them already with a healthy baby. We don’t want to make it tougher and heartbreaking with a sick baby.

So there, this post has been published and you are almost done reading this. Thank you for helping us make sure our baby grows up with a loving and caring community and for allowing me to be the best mom that I can be to Noah.

On Monday, Noah turns 6 weeks old! It’s been like a few months already! A little trivia about him: he doesn’t want mom eating dairy products, onions, hot sauce, and jackfruit! I think he loves it when mom eats plain cheeseburger (with no cheese!!!), fries, and Coke float!


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