Twenty Peso Dinner and Coffee

Twenty Peso Dinner and Coffee

Because our car was coded today, I rode with my brother to Jupiter Street, Makati and walked to the office. I always loved walking to the office from there, first because I find it a pleasant exercise and second because I can buy taho. 🙂

This morning, I bought taho at the Mapua side of Buendia with a few other passersby while waiting for the pedestrian light to go green. After crossing the street, there was another taho vendor on that side of Buendia but without buyers. He was just standing and looking at the other vendor across the street who was busy serving buyers. I felt sad for the second vendor, looked at my watch, and reluctantly walked away to my meeting which was starting in a few minutes.

A few steps after, I couldn’t resist it. I decided to go back to buy taho from the second vendor, decided to bless the vendor with a sale, and told myself that I want to go to the office and intentionally look for someone to bless with it. As the manong was preparing my second taho, I silently prayed “Lord, I will do this with faith.” Because I was holding a lot of stuff, the manong even took my other taho and placed it in a plastic bag that’s easier to carry.

Tonight, I met with a few old friends at a restaurant in Powerplant Mall to spend time with a friend who’s flying back to Singapore on Saturday. We had lots of food for dinner! When the bill came, I started to calculate my share of the bill then the married couple in the group said they’ll just cover the full bill!

Enjoying our time with each other reminiscing the good old days (talk about a 15-year old friendship) and what God has been doing in our lives, we went to a coffee shop after dinner. Before we even arrived at the coffee shop, one of our friends said that coffee’s on her!

The Lord is too good! I even got a free ride home! All these at a time I’m saving up for certain priorities.

P20 sown in faith = a full restaurant meal + coffee + ride home! When I shared this story with my friend, she told me about the time she blessed someone anonymously with a haircut and then a few days after she suddenly received P2,500 worth of GCs.

Lord, You are so good! ❤️


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