2017: Crazy

2017 Crazy

Crazy. That’s probably the simplest way to put it. This year started with us flying back from our favorite travel destination, Japan. I was 31 weeks pregnant.

Pao resigned to focus on starting up his business.

Next thing I remember was we were in Rockwell and after going home, my water bag broke. Gave birth to our dear Chadric Noah.

It was a constant adjustment from there, which included almost having postpartum depression (baby blues and trauma).

Then I returned to work. Another adjustment in many aspects.

We had two ER episodes almost one after the other.

My lola went home to be with the Lord.

I was down with bad flu as I was closing out projects.

I dropped my phone front first. The LCD cracked.

I almost beat a red light that a traffic enforcer pulled me over.

And I thought that was it…

…then I was halted at the Japan immigration office and stayed there for hours!

It was a very tiring year, indeed, that towards the end I felt like my brain wires were toasted! But it was also a fulfilling year, the most fulfilling yet, perhaps. Noah is such a joy. Accomplished more than what I usually do in previous years.

It was just last year I was sipping a hot cup from a coffee shop in Tokyo, and now here I am at Osaka looking back at the year that was, and writing down my 2017 gratitude list:

1. Pao

One day after work, I took care of Noah as usual. It was so tiring that I asked Pao how he lasts all day! He boldly obeyed God in something that seemed to be a crazy jump at a crazy time. His genuine compassion for people keeps me grounded. I couldn’t do anything I was able to do this year without him.

2. Noah

Everybody says time flew by so fast. I say it went by just right.? Every single day we gave him our all. What a treat to see him smile with his 4.5 teeth, and oh what heart-melting joy to hear him laugh! He surely is a blessing from the Lord!

3. Family

I spend at least 40 hours a week totally focused on work, and then a few weekends here and there with my family. From food to taking care of Noah so we can watch a movie, to taking care of all of us when Pao had a back injury, to bringing us along to places to helping us with errands and even to upkeep our car, they have always been there for us. Family is family and I will be forever grateful for them. ❤️

4. Prayer Partners

Ahhhh this year… it was fuelled by many prayers and the prayers of many. Never have I had a more prayer-critical year than this, and I am so grateful for friends who unconditionally remember to pray with and for us. I wouldn’t finish this year in one piece without them.

5. God

He’s been so faithful; I don’t deserve it. I say this year was crazy, but more like crazy good, that amidst all the hustle and bustle of mommyhood and werk-werk-werk, He’s been cultivating my heart to make me better rooted in Him. He kept on showing me that my relationship with Him was never about what I do or not do, but about what He’s already done. ?

Tried the “second delicious melonpan ice cream in the world!!” Haba ng pila! It was okay. Baka kasi second lang sila.


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