How to Order: Paperback Edition of When God Could’ve But He Didn’t

UPDATE 2020-Nov-09: My book is currently available in the following formats. To order, click the link of the format you want to purchase.

ebook (Updated Edition)
Paperback (International Shipping, Updated Edition)
Paperback (Philippine Orders, First Edition)*

*For PH orders, my current copies do not have the twentieth chapter yet, but I will provide a digital access for that chapter for you when I ship out the book. If you want the twentieth chapter printed, please use the international order link above.

UPDATE 2016-Oct-18: The books are now available! Check out this post to order. Hey everyone!!! I’m super excited to announce that the paperback edition of my book, “When God Could’ve But He Didn’t,” will soon be available! Since I’m self-publishing for now, I’ll be printing a limited quantity to start with. You can pre-order below. LLH - Pam Generic

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The Underground Club

After more than a year from the time we lost our first child, I had a conversation with someone who has gone through a similar heart-shattering moment. I did meet some who had similar experiences and I greatly appreciate their wisdom, but theirs happened way back. It has only been around two months since our dear Berea…

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