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When God Calls You: Perfect Timing (Part 4 of 5)

When God Calls You No Loose Ends

Fourth installment to my Esther series! Recall from my previous post that it was a “not yet” for Esther, even though it seemed like the two opportunities given to her by the king seemed like those were the only opportunities she would get. Good thing Esther was obedient and self-controlled. God had a better plan.

The Story & My Thoughts

6:1 The king can’t sleep. He suddenly remembered how Mordecai saved him from the assassination conspiracy against him. He learned that Mordecai has never been honored or rewarded for this. 6:4 Haman went to the king to ask for Mordecai’s execution. Haman already had gallows built to hang Mordecai (5:14).

God goes before us and covers us. He always has the perfect timing and the perfect plans. Had the king been reminded of Mordecai earlier, he may have forgotten about it and may have succumbed to Haman’s request. The king was reminded right before Haman came!

Had Esther taken things in her own timing, Haman may have had a better hold of the situation. The king may have not reacted in favor of Esther as he was not yet reminded of how Mordecai saved his life.

6:6 Haman was so self-centered he didn’t even mention to the king his desire! He was consumed by the thought that the king wants to honor him and that he is the only one deserving of being honored. 6:10 The king commands Haman to honor Mordecai the way Haman wanted to honor himself.

Well… strong reminder—God opposes the proud! (James 4:6)

7:1 second banquet 7:2 king asks again what Esther’s request is, and reconfirms favor for Esther 7:3 again, the use of right words, “If I have found favor with you, Your Majesty, and if it pleases you, grant me my life—this is my petition. And spare my people—this is my request…”

Perhaps God told her, “The time is now.”

Esther was very precious in the eyes of the king, so any threat to her life would make the king side with her. God gives us the right words to speak at the right time. We just need to be dependent on and sensitive to Him. 7:9-10 Haman was impaled on the pole he made to hang Mordecai.

All of the circumstances made the king really angry with Haman: the threat to Esther’s life, the seeming molestation when Haman was pleading with Esther for his life (7:8), Harbona (eunuch) mentioning about the pole Haman made to hang Mordecai who saved the king’s life.

A lot of times in our lives God says, “Not yet.” Sometimes that’s harder than a “No.” But if we are faithful in seeking God, we will hear Him, and we will know. He has the best plans, the best timing, and He gives us grace for the wait. And when “The time is now,” everything just falls into place. Everything finally makes sense. And our faith is taken to a whole new level, His glory shining brighter than ever. Thought this was it? God is not yet done. He had so much more in store for Esther. Up next, the fifth and final installment to this blog series. Read it here.

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