Part 2 of 2: Journey to Moving Forward by Jia Enrile

In part 1, I introduced to you my friend, Jia, who wrote for us here on the blog. I’ve been wanting to feature people who, just like all of us, did not have any kind of preparation for experiencing words so foreign to us—quarantine, lockdown, pandemic—faced challenges in multiple aspects of life, yet somehow, have eventually managed to live life to the full and even make and take opportunities out of this season we’re all in. Read part 1 here if you haven’t.

We continue with the second half of the mindful and practical steps Jia took on her journey forward.

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In Anticipation

Hello, world! Since mommyhood came, it’s been a series of adjustments and transitions in pretty much all aspects of my life, hence another hiatus over here on the blog. Interestingly, amidst so many things I got to do in the past few months, it was also a time when I’ve been feeling like I haven’t…

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