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Hope-full Mother’s Day!

Hope-full Mother's Day!

We’ll go to church today and most likely, all mothers will be asked to stand up so that they can be honored. For a #1007mom, and others like me who were moms for just a short while, it gets a little bit tricky, ‘coz I really don’t know how to respond! 😅 It’s my second year, and I’m just thankful that in both years, God has turned what could trigger a breakdown into something I chuckle at instead. 🙂 Pre-term or full term, normal or C-section, continued to pump breastmilk or not, storage room with boxes of baby outfits and accessories or just a piece—wherever you are in these—I pray that in the spectrum of hope you are full.

I look back and thank God that while He could have created our dear Berea Dannielle on His own, He loves me so much that He chose to use me to bring forth such a beautiful child, who He loves so much that He spared her of this life. To all the women who had the privilege of being mothers even for a short while, may all of us take comfort and assurance from His word. May our hearts be filled with joy and not sadness, hope and not fear. May today be a day that we remember our precious children, how BIG our God is, and find renewed hope in Him, that He who turned our mourning to dancing and our sorrow to joy, is the author and perfector of our faith—He will allow us to see His goodness in this life, even in the area of motherhood. A Hope-full Mother’s Day to all!

I am the author of the book, When God Could’ve But He Didn’t. I am the happy wife of my happy husband, Pao, both of us happily hoping for at least two more children.


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Hello! I'm a wife and mom who has a full-time job and does homeschooling, and I also birthed a book a year after we lost our firstborn. I aspire to live each day according to God’s purpose for me. I believe that we were designed to live life to the full throughout life’s different seasons.