New Find: Strawberry Lemon Soda

New Find Strawberry Lemon Soda

It’s Friday and I feel like posting about my favorite things on this day. Maybe let’s call it #fridayfaves? Sana I can sustain this though. Haha! Today I’m posting about one of my new found favorite drinks.

Those who know me well know that I loooove nice drinks! I’m always eyeing the menu for refreshing drinks, especially non-alcoholic ones because I can take those even when I get pregnant again or when I start breastfeeding.

We were back at Florabel a few days ago and I stumbled upon their Strawberry Lemon Soda. I just loved the sweet and tangy and fresh taste and couldn’t help but gulp it down! You know when you want to sip so much but you also want to sip less because you want the glass to last? Delectable dilemma right there!

I hope you get the chance to visit Florabel at Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons and try out this drink for yourself. If you love Italian soda, you’ll love this one too!

Full Disclosure: I am currently affiliated with the Florabel Group of Restaurants for web and social media content for their official sites and accounts. This post, however, is out of my own personal opinion and recommendation, and is unpaid nor part of my agreement with them.


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