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For the Workaholics

For the Workaholics

I’ve been meaning to write about something else besides #wGcbHd, but in the past few days I’ve been feeling under the weather. As in literally under the weather’s influence with this allergic rhinitis that has made my nose a reliable rain forecast. 😅 Finally got better today and found the time to write… or at least rewrite!

Here are some random thoughts I posted in my old blog back in 2012.

If it ever gets to a point when you feel like all of the weight is on your shoulders, and that nothing’s going to happen if you don’t stop working, step back. If it doesn’t work, step down. It is better to keep your character intact than your career.

Believe it or not, your work can go on with life without you. Can you go on with your life without your work?

Do you really believe that God is in control? Or do you think that if you don’t take a break nothing will happen? Can you trust God enough to take sabbath, even in the busiest times?

If everything depended on you, you put it upon yourself. And because you did, nobody else has the power to make things right but you.

Never be a bottleneck. Trust more. There are growth pains because there’s growth.

Be careful not to be the lid for growth. Systems should be duplicable, simple, and sustainable.

Finding this old blog post, I remembered a good friend who was recently so shocked counting to a 100-hour work week. I’m glad that my friend figured it out and is finally going to do something about it. I’ve been in that 100-hour work week mode before, and I don’t want to go back there ever again. Obviously, it’s not healthy for the organization, and more importantly, it’s not healthy for the person. Even the best and hardest worker needs to be humble enough to accept limitations. We all need enough rest so that we can give it our best again tomorrow.


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