Defying the Odds

Defying the Odds

If you feel powerless over what’s happening, or if you’ve been told that what you wanted was close to impossible (or totally impossible), like having been medically diagnosed with a “sure” ending, take time to read this story that will help you dare to hope against the odds.

Story of and by Bernadette Morales

In December 2000, sixteen months after my husband Greg  and I got married, we felt that we were ready to have a baby. We depended on our understanding of basic reproduction. We thought that having a baby was just a matter of “right timing.”  Six months passed and still no baby. The pressure and the frustration started to set in.  At first, it was easy to shrug-off all the teasing (and unkind comments). Soon, it started to hurt especially when other couples who were married later than us started to conceive. Greg and I found strength and encouragement from each other and from the prayers of family and friends.

In November 2001, after almost one year of waiting, praying, and crying, I missed my monthly period so I thought I was finally pregnant. Strangely, all the tests registered negative (I used about 5 different kinds!).  And finally, when my doctor did an ultrasound, there was  indeed no baby. But a more devastating news followed. I was told that I had a cyst in each of my ovaries. I was later told that they were endometrial cysts—the kind of cyst that causes 95% infertility to women who have them. It was sheer sorrow. The pain was indescribable. The grief was too overwhelming.  Certainly there were medical options available, but they were simply too much for us to afford. In the midst of our pain, we felt God’s nearness. We were deeply comforted by the love, kindness, and prayers of family and friends.

Since it was nearing Christmas, Greg and I decided to set things aside and attend to the very busy season. Our plan was for me to have an exhaustive gynecological check-up early the following year.  Mid-January I missed my period. I was deeply conflicted. Part of me wanted to rejoice, but fully aware of my condition, I did not allow my hopes to get too high. I let some weeks pass, until on February 10, 2002, I took a home pregnancy test, and yes, I tested positive! Several weeks later, an ultrasound confirmed that there was indeed a live embryo inside my uterus. There were no words to describe the feeling. We were in utter awe! We were both humbled before God Almighty.

The cysts did not hinder me from having a child. We realized that although the medical possibilities were slim, God’s possibilities were beyond our grasp and comprehension. 

But there was another miracle! I eventually gave birth to a healthy baby boy on September 25, 2002 through caesarian section. Since I was going to be operated on anyway, Greg also requested the doctor to remove both my cysts. But lo and behold, when the doctors looked for my cysts, they  could no longer find them! Both my cysts had simply disappeared!   

We named our baby Caris Samuel. Caris meaning, “God’s favor” and  Samuel meaning, “I had asked the Lord.”  His name says it all! He is God’s gift to our fervent prayers!

Three years later, God gifted us with another miracle baby, our beautiful daughter Rebecca Diane whom we named in honor of our dearest mothers.

When I see the faces of my children today, I am reminded of how powerless I really am, and how truly mighty our God is! There is nothing He cannot do. There is no victory He cannot win. There is no tragedy He cannot overcome and no mountain He cannot move! Thank you Lord!

Indeed, nothing is impossible with God. Take it from a mom who lost her first child hours after delivery, there is more to your life than what you are facing now. Allow God to embrace you with His comfort, love, grace, and strength, and soon enough things will be better.

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