Our Little Fam Shop is now on Shopee!

Hello, fam! We finally got to work on our Shopee store! Do check us out: shopee.ph/ourlittlefamshop
Our Little Fam Shop is our little corner in the web where we sell stuff we create, curate, or preloved (preloved will be marked as such outright). To know more about the brands we carry, click here.

Here’s an update before I publish a post using my last journal prompts. 🙂

I’ve always been one whose hands are looking for something to create, whether that’s writing or crafting. I’ve opened a few online stores of a wide range of products from handcrafted fashion accessories to shirts, baller IDs, essential oils, and novelty items. But a lot of times, priorities took over and work and life got busy so having many shops to maintain was not sustainable. Separately, Pao also opened and closed a shirt store and a Star Wars store!

Marketing-wise, of which I am obviously not an expert, it might be better to have different accounts for different niches. The thing is, while I do appreciate the extra income sidelines bring, our sidelines will simply be sidelines. It’s more of an outlet for me to create and share things I love and like.

So one of the things that we birthed in 2020 was consolidating our sidelines into one, Our Little Fam Shop. Finally, a year after, we got to put it up as an independent shop in Shopee. Do check us out, fam! 🙂

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