Filipino Resto: Cianô

I am not fond of dining at Filipino restaurants as I’ve always felt I don’t get value for my money because I can eat the dishes at home. ? But Pao craved for sinigang on his birthday (super late post, diba?! But I drafted this last year. Hehe!!!) and we found this nice place near my parents’ and it looks like we’ll be going back. ?

1. Pako Salad: Must-try!

Their Pako Salad is yummy! Their pako leaves are fresh and crisp, and not bitter at all. It’s good for 2-3 people if you just want to try it, but if you ask me, I’d order one for myself. ?

2. Poqui Poqui: Yes!

It’a an eggplant dish that’s perfect with inihaw dishes. It’s like ensaladang talong but with very mild spices, which brings out the perfect combination of eggplants, tomatoes, and red onions. This dish is good for 4-5 people.

3. Chicken Inasal: Okay

This one’s okay. It goes with the Poqui Poqui. You can skip this if you’re ordering the rest in this list!

4. Sinigang na Baboy: Yes!


Yummy! They serve this on an iron pot with the soup still boiling! It’s the perfect balance of sour with a tad of spicy, and the meat is soft and tender, just how sinigangs should be!

5. Kinilaw na Tuna: Must-try!

This one you shouldn’t miss! I love how the vinegar and coconut (gata) blended together. Perfect for sashimi lovers, too! This dish can be shared by 4-5 people if you have other dishes, and the sauce is sooooo good with rice!

That summarizes our first trip to Cianô, well, our orders, that is!? If you find yourself in the area, go Google/Waze it up!

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