Of Dance and Parents

One of my favorite dance pieces back in the days. ❀️ ?

I just recently posted about our Just Dance shirt project so that got me looking back! I’ve learned so much through dancing, one of which is how selfless and supportive parents are.

I’m very thankful that my parents allowed it to be part of my life regardless of the additional costsssss, less time at home, and how I seriously sucked at it in the beginning. ?Β They were always in full support even with the apprehensions of dance eating up my study time while I was still in school, or time to venture out into, albeit, more lucrative sidelines after I graduated from college.

What helped is that they knew I was in good company… they had more eyes to check on me! And they were selfless and secure to allow more arms to hug me and more people to love me like family.

Sharing with you one of my favorite pieces to dance. ❀️


I haven’t been dancing since I got pregnant with Brei. I miss dancing, the costumes, definitely miss wearing rubber shoes and anything-but-bun hairdo!!!Β …and obviously I miss dancing with these people!Β ?

LLH - Pam Generic

P.S. Orange Dance Studio will be having its 15th summer dance funshop. Great people to entrust your kids to this summer! Check them out on Facebook.

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