I Don’t Believe in Essential Oils

“Tsss… I don’t believe in that.” That’s what I used to say about essential oils. Then when I tried to learn more about it, I saw its potential for my family’s health and wellness, but then I said, “There’s so much to learn. I just don’t have the time, even to mix my own blends.”

One day, Pao woke up with dry cough and sore throat. For his sore throat, I gave him one tablespoon of honey. For his dry cough, I rolled on some oil on his chest and neck. When I returned home that afternoon, his skepticism about essential oils came out when I asked him how he was and he said, “Ang galing nga eh, nawala na lang bigla?” 😅

Another time, I had some muscle pain in my lower back, rolled on some oil and the pain was gone after a few minutes. A friend, whose family has allergic rhinitis, tried some and it worked on them, too. Another friend who usually gets migraine, tried a blend she received from someone and in a few minutes, her migraine was gone and she didn’t have to take her meds.

Noah had his first bout of terrible cough and colds to the point that his night sleep was interrupted (so obviously, including ours), and I felt so bad he was babbling while crying like telling me he so not feels well but couldn’t do anything about it… and I couldn’t do anything about it too. 😞 We tried meds that morning, but since he still didn’t know how to spit out his phlegm, it was still difficult and it was like he wasn’t getting better. A friend of a friend sent me a roller bottle with oils to place on Noah’s chest. Within a few minutes, Noah vomited out a lot of phlegm, and he started getting better from then. Yes, he we had a good sleep that night. 😴

I started sharing and giving oils to my friends and family for them to try, and I’ve been asked similar questions so I’ll try to put them all here and just ask them to read up? Hahaha. 😂 Since I only use Young Living oils, I can only speak for YL and of my personal experience using YL’s EOs.

What are essential oils?
Enter Google search:

Yes, essential oils are NOT meds.
So don’t stop your meds unless your doctor tells you. That’s why you’d see on the labels, “No approved therapeutic claims.” They are approved by the US FDA as supplements. No, you don’t have to ingest them to get the benefits, though there is a variety that’s edible and some people actually ingest them (with water, in a vege capsule, or used in cooking). I personally refrain from ingesting, which I think is a good idea for starters. You can use them on your skin or diffuse them.

Isn’t that just MLM? Yes and no.
More than 90% (currently at 94%) of those in YL are product users, meaning they purchase oils for personal consumption without going to the business side of it. You can purchase oils without being a member, but you will get the oils at retail price, versus wholesale price (24% off). You can sign-up for a retail account here (make sure to check the tickbox for “Retail Customer”). While I personally don’t recommend getting the oils at retail every time, getting a retail account is good for those of you who want to just try one or two oils to start with.
The most value-for-money way to get into oils is by becoming a member (to get 24% off of everything) and ordering a Premium Starter Kit, which comes with 10 oils and a diffuser, plus freebies which include another oil. If you become a member, you don’t need to and are never forced to do the business side of YL, which is MLM. Your membership (a.k.a. access to the wholesale price) is good for one year, and to keep on availing the wholesale price you just need a $50 purchase every year. You also get the chance to enroll in Essential Rewards (optional), where you get rebates for your orders and free oils with a purchase of certain amounts. You do not need to give referrals. You do not need to sell anything. If you’re interested in the business side, I can tell you more about it another time. Having tried other MLMs before, YL’s compensation plan is for me, by far, the most generous, realistic, and not burdensome plan.

Premium Starter Kit with Desert Mist Diffuser Ready to start your oily journey? Click here.

Going oily is expensive. Yes and no.
As of writing this, the Premium Starter Kit (PSK) costs $160, but what you’ll be getting is worth $360+ at retail value (plus shipping)! Expensive upfront, but this kit lasts long. Because essential oils are very potent, you need 1 drop of essential oil diluted to 5ml carrier oil (e.g. VCO that you get at the supermarket) to make a general blend for an adult (more diluted for children). With 11 5ml bottles of oil each containing about 85 drops, you get 4,675 drops in that kit! The basic diffuser from the starter kit is $83.88 retail so you can look at it this way: $160 – $83.88 = $76.12 divided by 4,675 drops = $0.02 per drop. That’s less than PHP 1.00 per drop! And remember your PSK savings and other freebies! #sulit

Oils are for everyone. Not quite.
Those who are pregnant, nursing, or have babies or pets need to do more research than those who are not or don’t, since there are oils to avoid when you fall into any of these categories. As with everything, do your research and ask from people you trust. Also, I remember reading a lot of “what works for one may not work for all and you have to find what works for you,” which added to my initial hesitation to try out essential oils (I’m like, is there no template or formula?! 😂). A lot of my friends rave about the effect of lavender EO giving them a deep and restful night’s sleep. I tried diffusing lavender EO and thought that lavender was overrated. 😅 With my PSK, I tried diffusing a combination of Stress Away and Citrus Fresh, and finally got what they were raving about. 😴😴😴

There goes my primer of how I got into EOs and the FAQs I get. I will try to post more of how I’ve used my oils and more EO stories later. If you’re ready to join the oily bandwagon and get yourself a Premium Starter Kit, click here (make sure to check the tickbox for “Member”).

This is not a paid post, but links from this post will input my YL member ID when you order. This gives me back a little something to keep my oily journey oiled when you purchase at retail or become a wholesale member. 😅

If you want to know more about oils, we can do an EO 101 with you and your friends (no commitment to purchase anything needed!). Just send me a message. EO 101 does not include the business side of YL, but we can add that if you and your friends want.

Already waiting for your PSK to be delivered? Stay tuned for my post on EO practical and safety reminders.

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