In Anticipation

Hello, world! Since mommyhood came, it’s been a series of adjustments and transitions in pretty much all aspects of my life, hence another hiatus over here on the blog. Interestingly, amidst so many things I got to do in the past few months, it was also a time when I’ve been feeling like I haven’t…

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Like Newborn Babies

Finally, we got to attend service again. It’s been two months since we last attended. Last time, I gave birth the night after we attended, and this time, we had Noah with us! I just love how yesterday’s focus verse was something I can totally understand in a whole new light: Spread this around!

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First-Time Mom Trauma & Blues

February 20, 2017. We finally met our dear Chadric Noah. He was our much-awaited bundle of joy, but too soon and sudden, I drowned, feeling everything was more like an overwhelming chunk of responsibility. Sharing this to help first-time expectant mothers be more prepared than I was. Spread this around!

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